Incharges and Coordinators


Name- Suman Lata Dogra

Designation-  Incharge (Penguin Paradise)

D.O.J  – 04-04-18

Specialization – English

I Suman Lata Dogra, Incharge of Penguin Paradise working in this esteemed institution from past two years would like to share a small view about my experience working in this mesmerizing institution of education. It  helps the students as well as the  teachers to learn new things every day. I have learnt a lot from the day one and still counting, as there is a belief that there is no age for learning. It is my responsibility to give my 100% to the budding students as it would be beneficial for them.

“It is said if the basic foundation is strong, the building remains stronger for the upcoming years”. Therefore I have been trying my best to keep every child’s foundation strong in order to discipline them, hopefully make them successful and bring them happiness in future.

It is my vision to see that they are empowered to express their ideas and be aware of the environmental issues with the hope to make them proficient to face and find solutions to challenges in their future .

I acknowledge with gratitude and express my deep appreciation for the invaluable guidance given by co- operations of parents, management and well-  wishers.

Name – Ms Arti Rajput

Designation-  Incharge (Lakshya Building)

D.O.J  – 23-04-15

Specialization – English 

“Live as if you were die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever”.

An incharge is an integral part of the administrative team. This position supports all elements of the instructional program, directly supervises instructional and teaching staff. During the term,  the incharge visits classes regularly, provides feedback to the teaching staff and conducts regular staff meetings. He/She has a key role in the development of  a positive work environment, innovative and responsive to students need.

Being as an Incharge my duties in the school are:-

To successfully accomplish the set objective, work with the staff and be able to inspire them to work cooperatively with me so as to achieve the educational objectives. I plan all the activities in time to avoid confusion. I supervise the classes and teachers not to find mistakes but to help, encourage and guide and also ensure proper sanitation. I always try to bridge the gap among teachers, students and parents.

Name – Mr. Vishal Gupta

Designation-  Incharge (High & Higher Wing)

D.O.J  – 09-08-18

Specialization – Maths & Science (Phy/Chem.)

“Success is a combination of thoughts, words, and actions”

At RMPS we understand that the human mind is our fundamental resource. To help attain its full potential each one of us at RMPS is the facilitator who sets smart goals. That are specific, measurable, achievable, simple yet relevant, and time-bound. We believe in the power of feedback, establishing trust, encouraging active communication between the teacher and learner.

Our collective input is integral to my belief that this is our school and all of us can learn best to our potential. I would like to focus on the concept of ‘Team’ i.e. together everyone achieves more in the best interest of our whole school community. We have on our panel a talented teaching staff whose commitment to teaching is reflected through the efficient use of effective methodologies, professional skill, and infusion technology.

Our Lectures and teachers are diverse, spirited hardworking, creative, motivated committed.

“You will get there if only you walk long enough.”

Wishing you all a bright and prosperous future.

Name – Mr. Surinder Singh

Designation –   Administrator

D.O.J  – 01-05-19

Specialization – Office Maintenance

I Surinder Singh, office incharge of RMPS would like to share my job experience of working in this esteemed institution of education.

It is my duty as the “Office In charge” that I ensure the smooth running of the tasks on a daily basis, manage the administration team, and support the staff as well.

My responsibilities include:-

  • Organizing meetings and managing data basis which includes preparing letters, presentations, and reports.
  • Dealing with complains and queries, supervising and monitoring the office work.
  • Making sure that there is a sufficient quantity of stationary as well as furniture.
  • Organizing office operations and procedures, preparing pay role, controlling correspondence, designing file system, reviewing, approving supply requisitions, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

My vision towards my job is to make sure that the school should be represented in an organised manner.


Name- Shivani Sharma

Designation-  Ist Std. Co-ordinator

D.O.J  – 01-04-18


I, Shivani Sharma, coordinator of Ist Standard, is working in this institution since 2 years. I have learned so many things from this institution.

As a coordinator I oversee the instruction program in the academic institute I guide teachers to deliver the best learning experience to their students. I design school curriculum to measure student achievement and provide effective teaching methods; I focus on quality control and accountability. Apart from academics I also organize so many activities for the intellectual growth of the child I also update myself and then inculcate the various new technologies among teachers for quality education.

Name-  Neha Rajput

Designation – Coordinator

D.O.J  – 15-07-14


I, Mrs. Neha Rajput, coordinator of 2nd standard is working at R.M.P.S for 6 years and learned so many things under the supervision of our management. My motive is to coordinate with teachers to develop lesson plans and provide material. I work with parents, teachers, and do counseling to address students, academic and other problems. I always try to focus on the best education. I and my teachers organize all activities in school/inter-school in a well-mannered way and try that students should learn the best part from the activities.


Name- Reeta Bhardwaj

Designation-  Coordinator of Std. 3rd

D.O.J  – 02-04-18


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.                            

I, Rita Bhardwaj, is working at RM Public School since 2018. Being a coordinator I understand each child so as to provide them the easy and adoptable techniques and a conducive ambiance for them to learn what is delivered. I always provide guidelines to my teachers for organizing academic as well as cultural activities in a better way, I also encourage students to take part in all the internal and external events.

I have learned a lot from this institution.

My aim is to provide the best possible environment for the healthy development of the child by providing a carefully planned and structured Environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

Name- Meghna Sharma

Designation-  Co- ordinator of std. 4th

D.O.J  – 16-04-18

Specialization – Social Studies

“Learning never exhausts the mind” “For the things we have to learn before we can do them we learn by doing them”.

I, Meghna Sharma, is working at RMPS since 2018. Being a coordinator and responsible for driving the programme and ensuring it is integrated into the wide practice of the school  I always guide and support my teachers to organize academic as well as cultural events and always encourage  students to give their participation. 

My aim is to provide the best possible Environment for a healthy development of the child by providing a carefully planned and structured Environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

Name- Gurpreet Kaur

Designation-  Co-ordinator of Std. 5th

D.O.J  – 20-06-15


“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence”. 

I, Gurpreet Kour, is working at RMPS  since 2015. Being a coordinator, I am responsible for driving the program and ensuring it is integrated into the wide practice of the school. So I always guide and support my teachers to organize academic as well as cultural activities and encourage students to take part in all the internal and external events. “It is said like that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

I have learned a lot from this school and in the future, my aim is to provide a holistic approach to shape the overall personality of the child.

Name- Baljeet Kaur

Designation-  Co-ordinator of Std. 4th

D.O.J  – 2-04-18


I Baljeet Kour coordinator of class 6th at RM Public School for the last two years. Being a coordinator, I always coordinate with teachers to develop lesson plans, study material, and with their coordination. I organize various cultural activities and competitions. I guide them to apply innovative ideas in their teaching techniques.

I have a vision to bring a better direction of growth in my teachers as well as in my students.     

Name- Arti Gupta

Designation-  Co-ordinator

D.O.J  – 18-04-16


I Arti Gupta coordinator of class 7th & 8th working in this esteemed institution since 2016. As a coordinator, I performed my duties under the supervision of management. I used to set basic Principles to do discussion with my teachers and motivate them to do to use new teaching techniques.

My aim is to bring progress in academics as well as in other administration so that students should be beneficial. 

Name- Balvinder Choudhary

Designation-   Senior Co-ordinator of High Wing

D.O.J  – 21-08-17


“Focus on the journey, not the destination . Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it”. 

I, Balvinder Choudhary working at RMPS since  2017 &  as a coordinator the role assigned by school management and executed by me was to bring various elements or individuals together to complete a project and to develop a creative learning community across the school. I feel pleasure and work hard to act as a facilitator in school able to translate the school management’s vision for creative learning into practical implementation.

I have the passion, education vision professional skills, and energy to contribute to the R.M family and achieve the best for RM Public School. 

Name- Arjun Singh

Designation-   Co-ordinator

D.O.J  – 01-04-16

Specialization – Social Science

I, Arjun Singh, am co-ordinator of 11th & 12th standard, and I believe that education is a process of awakening individual potential to create knowledge but more importantly enlightening the students with wisdom that they must “never put a price tag on their heart and soul”. A good carrier is important but good character is full of paramount qualities like Empathy, Communication skill, Time management skill, vision, passion, curiosity.

My aim towards my job is to make sure that I should upgrade myself & inculcate the various new technologies among the teachers for quality education.