From Chairman’s Desk

“The vision once Flowered in the Mists of Time Emits Ever Lasting Fragrance.”

We, at R.M. Public School, Strive to respect and value the Individuality of each  and every child.

This is the School that goes with the “Specific Mission” to make each child to achieve his/ her best self be foster a “Positive Spirit” and believed in the collective efforts of Students, Teachers, Parents and Sport staff striving to create a “Milieu” that sustains “Excellence”. Our distinction lies in the pursuit of high “Academic Attainment” through motivation, inspiration and moral support.

We aim to unearth / expose every child “Inherent Talent” and provide him/her opportunity to grow and discover “Sky- Heights”  by developing his/ her Learning and growing skills for the welfare of the whole mankind.

In addition to the Children “Academic Growth”, our object is to inculcate in them the sense of “Human Values” like Wisdom, Compassion, Courage, Integrity And Reliability.

We feel proud and confident to equip our students with not only the “Basic Knowledge” of their concerned disciplines (Subjects Streams), but also a deep insight into it to enable them to achieve a promising and successful career.

In the last, I would like thank you all for bestowing your “Faith and Confidence” in us in guiding your child towards this end.