From Principal’s Desk

“Develop a Passion for Learning. If you do, you will never cease to Grow.” 

Education is the basis of all progress. We stress on the acquisition of real learning, which always distinguishes the “Extraordinary” from the “Ordinary”. We believe that fruitful and ideal “Teaching–Learning” can be possible only under a shared spirit of respect which further creates a “Passionate Schooling Experience” recognized for its “Warmth , Inspiration and Excellence”.

Welcome to the World of RMPIANS, where education means an “All round Personality Development” of the Child. We are here not only to enable the child to live with greater “Vision”, but also with a finer spirit of “Optimism and Achievement”.


We give a lot of importance to make “Discipline” a core value to encourage the student to develop a sense of responsibility through a well planned “Academic Schedule”.


We strongly believed that Education is a “Joint–Venture” that involves “Professional Administrators, Well-qualified and Experienced Teachers and Parents” aiming to achieve “Perfection” in repairing the learners (students) for “Enriched–Opportunities” world-wide.

At last, it goes to our “Pledge to Work in a Team and Spirit” to impart “Quality Education” to our school children to enable them to grow into “Enlightened and Responsible” citizens of the worldwide society.